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About Me

Hi.  I’m a high-yellow, uppity, nerdy African American irreverent gay intellectual.  This is my blog.  The words I write are not endorsed by nor should they be taken to be representative of the institution that employs me.  What I write is ALL mine.  The reason I call this blog “The Skippy Review” is because when I go on rants–and I do rant a LOT–I call my evil ranty self “my evil twin Skippy.”  

The point–if there could be one–is for me to “speak truth to humor.” This is a play on the overworn phrase “speaking truth to power.” You can generally find any fauxhemian hippie who just finished reading Marx or Foucault deploying this phrase and being overbearingly pretentious and SERIOUS about everything. Instead, I prefer to speak truth…with a lot of humor and sarcasm. I mock everything—including crap that I hold dear.

Ground Rules for comments: no homophobia, racism, sexism, heterosexism, name-calling, chair-throwing or general meanness allowed.  Play nice, and we’ll all get along. Don’t play nice, and I will mock you.

Disclaimer: Since some people don’t possess the reading comprehension God gave a gnat, I’m issuing a disclaimer. This blog and the name of this blog haven’t got one thing to do with Skippy peanut butter or some woebegone, long-forgotten comic strip character from the 1920s which incidentally has the same name as my on-line persona.



1. Rashelle Urbano - May 2, 2011

Stumbled upon your blog a few days ago. I’m hooked. Good stuff.

The end.

R. Urbano — San Francisco, CA

2. RebeccaRose - July 2, 2011

Is this THE Captain Snarky from the loveblogs I love so much? What is UP, man??

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