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First Look: Henry Cavill as Superman August 4, 2011

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Are you ready for some awesomeness? Of course you are!

(Image: www.joblo.com)
Fig. 1: Yes!!

I’d write more, but I’m busy having a nerdgasm.

Ok, I can write more now. What I find interesting about this suit is—if it is indeed the suit we’ll see on-screen—that it borrows from an older interpretation of the “S” shield. I like the metallic/leathery look of the suit; it retains the familiar elements of the uniform (thank Spock that they didn’t follow the color palette of the “Superman Returns” uniform), while adding some touches that make it look distinctly “alien.” It will be fascinating to see more shots of Cavill in the suit—if I have any nitpicks (and honestly, what kind of nerd would I be if I didn’t), it’s in the form of a question. Where’s Superman’s trademark spit curl?


1. cletar - August 4, 2011

I am not crazy about the texture–like the new Spiderman suit–but I’m glad it’s not the rasberry sherbet/dried blood colors from Superman Returns.

2. Skippy - August 4, 2011

The texture was a little off-putting, but for me there’s just so much to love about this version that wasn’t there in the SR version–did you notice that there appears to be a gauntlet-type design on the sleeves? On first glance, it looks like the sleeve is bunching, but it’s a gauntlet. It kind of reminds me of the gauntlets that Aragorn took from Boromir in LOTR. And the detail around the uniform where the cape joins it gives it a hint of armor. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the costume designer borrowed from Thor or other mythologies. I *would* however like for the blues and reds to be a bit brighter, but maybe that’s just the way this first picture looks.

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