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A Random Observation: Darren Criss and Overexposure February 15, 2011

Posted by Skippy in Gay and Lesbian Issues, Observations, Popular Culture.

Darren Criss is not a model. He should stop trying.

Children, I present some evidence:

You can see more of these at Tom and Lorenzo’s blog. Now, I realize that since “Teenage Dream,” Darren Criss has, shall we say, blown up. He’s the “It Boy.” He’s here, there and everywhere…

…and frankly, it’s getting tiresome. It’s getting even more tiresome since it appears that his character Blaine isn’t even romantically interested in babygay Kurt. The frak is up with that? But that’s kinda beside the point—I just wanted to throw that out there. Anyway, this much overexposure surely can’t be good—I understand this whole milking of one’s fifteen minutes, but trotting him out for every damn magazine (in this case, OUT Magazine—I’ll rant about them in a minute) is annoying.

Also annoying is OUT Magazine trying to sex this boy up. He can’t give you sexy or smoldering. Cute, he can do. Smoldering? Well, you see those pictures. He looks like he’s doing his first day of a ten-year sentence at San Quentin. Plus, I’m tired of magazines like OUT interviewing hetero actors who “play gay.” I swear, each actor speaks as though he’s doing something revolutionary and completely unheard of in the history of ACTING. Frankly, it’s as tiresome as that photospread.



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