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This Just In: “V” Continues To Be Horrible. February 3, 2011

Posted by Skippy in Rants, Science Ficton.

Fig. 1: If only this show was half as interesting as this poster.

Children, I don’t know why I continue to watch “V.” Perhaps it’s out of a vain hope that maybe the pot monkeys writing this show will accidentally churn out something that could be in the neighborhood of “interesting,” or perhaps it’s because I love Morena Baccarin, or maybe it’s because I’m such a sci-fi geek that I’ll almost watch anything, but week after week, I sit on my couch and watch this absolutely horrible show.

“V” is so bad it’s not even in the “so-bad-it’s-good” category of bad TV. The writers have squandered whatever camp could be derived from Baccarin’s Anna, have wasted whatever pathos could be derived from Erica’s double life as an FBI agent and a member of the Fifth Column, and, worse, foisted upon the viewers a bugfuckingly ridiculous “plot” about Anna wanting to destroy the human soul.

Yeah. Anna wants to destroy the human soul. How the fuck did these lizards make it from their homeworld to ours? Next thing you know, the writers will have the lizards sitting in church talking about religion…

…oh. Wait. That was this week’s episode.

So, in a snit of stupidity, Anna decides that it’s time to meet with Cardinal Plot Contrivance in order to undermine the influence of the Catholic Church in general and the influence of Dumb Father Jack in particular. A quick shuttle ride over to a green-screened Vatican, and soon Anna is meeting with a bunch of “Catholic” bishops and ever-so-subtly threatens them. She does a little magic light show and suddenly, these bishops and cardinals are falling all over themselves to forge an alliance with her.

Wait, did Anna bother to meet with Muslim leaders? The Dalai Lama? Any Eastern Orthodox Christians? What about the Scientologists? I’m sure all of these leaders and their followers have some interesting things to say about the nature of humankind and whether or not we have a soul. But she doesn’t deign to meet with them, and that makes no sense.

Of course, nothing anybody does on this show makes any sense. And also, there are no atheists in V. No one who could look at Anna and say, “Um, a ‘soul’? Really? Y’all do realize that what we’ve traditionally called a ‘soul’ is just the processes of consciousness which originate in our brains. Kinda like yours.” But no, this show has to engage in pseudo-philosophical babble and run roughshod over anything remotely resembling common sense.

Frankly, I think this show wants to be Battlestar Galactica. It wants to be thought-provoking, but it winds up being just plain thoughtless. But silly me, I’ll be here to the bitter end, watching and wondering about the show that this show could have been.



1. George Smith - February 3, 2011

Does it really matter who she meets?

Skippy - February 4, 2011


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