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Seriously, DO NOT Take Dating Advice From This Guy December 9, 2010

Posted by Skippy in General Weirdness, Religion.
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Behold the awkward!

Fig. 1: Creepy? Or just plain douchey? You decide.

I don’t know what’s supposedly “Christian” about his “advice” other than the fact that he’s targeting Christian boys/men/carbon based life-forms with male genitalia. His “advice” is so genuinely creepy and gobsmackingly stupid, that I can’t believe that this “Greg D.”(sounds like a sex offender’s name if I’ve ever heard one) is able to hold seminars—much less charge good money for them. And this fool has a website!

Whatever happened to “Hi, how are you doing?”

Update: “Greg D.” removed the video. I suppose exposing one’s douchery for all the world to see and mock was just too much for Jesus Suave’.



1. maughta - December 9, 2010

Seriously?? His first suggestion is to insult her? Yeah, that’ll go over well! Y’know, if you’re going.for the whole brother/sister vibe. Ewwwwww. Also, I’m kinda concerned about the rash around his mouth. I think he should get that looked at. Herpes is god’s punishment…

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