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I Don’t Know Who This “Jawn Murray” Is… October 25, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Black folks, Popular Culture, Rants.
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…but I am certain that he is one big fucking idiot who probably needs to get kicked in the teeth posthaste.

Apparently, this fucktard is a “commentator” for the—wait for it—Tom Joyner Morning Show—frankly, it figures that a fool associated with that hot bucket of fail would get on Twitter with this bullshit:

And this…

This imbecile only serves to reinforce my assessment of the Tom Joyner Morning Show as a bastion of fools.

But wait! Being the idiot that he is, once the Internet exploded, he issued an “apology:”

“I understand how things can be misconstrued and taken out of context in the social networking space. My humor has always been a bit irreverent, edgy and sarcastic, but I understand how this particular joke could have offended my sisters with natural hair. I sincerely love Black women and will never, EVER do or say anything to intentionally hurt them. I am truly and humbly sorry.”

So, wait. Is he sorry for making a joke that wasn’t in the least bit “funny” or is he “sorry” that you really sensitive women out there “misconstrued” or took his words out of context? Did this twit bother to read before he tweeted? And let’s be real: if he was sorry on his own, he wouldn’t have issued that second tweet. It was after black women rose up and went after his afflicted ass that he then issued his tepid apology.

And since he’s snapping on black women’s appearances, let’s take a look at this Adonis, shall we?

Fig. 1: Holy fuck! Did he have facial reconstruction after an unfortunate encounter with a volcano?

Well, I can see why he’s all a-bitter about black women not falling to their knees and worshipping the ground upon which Tyler Perry shits horrible movies. He’s probably been rejected more than a crackheaded, stinky job applicant. He’s clearly a stand up guy: first he shuts down his Twitter page and then, after taking to YouTube to “apologize,” makes the apology video a private one that requires an invitation from one Jawn Murray.

What a worthless little weasel.



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