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An Open Letter to SC Senator Jim DeMint October 17, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Gay and Lesbian Issues, Observations, Politics.

Dear Senator DeMint,
Today, as I retrieved my mail, I saw that I had received an advertisement from your campaign. The perfectly happy family on the advertisement framed a pithy slogan: “In South Carolina, Family Means Everything.” Of course, such an advertisement is designed to entice the recipient to turn the card over. The back of the card tells me that Jim DeMint “supports TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE between a man and a woman.” Also, the card tells me that “Jim DeMint shares our values.”

Indeed. I did not know that abject bigotry and gay-baiting was considered a value. I was not aware that supporting the continued disenfranchisement of people was considered something to trumpet, nor was I aware that your marital and familial status was something that functioned as a qualifier for public office.

Since you have decided to use gays and lesbians as a political wedge in order to scare people into voting for you, perhaps you could answer a few questions from this concerned voter:
1. Could you explain to me how men marrying men and women marrying women constitutes a problem such that you need to make an explicit point of it in a campaign advertisement?
2. Could you explain to me which kinds of “traditional” marriage you support? Which traditions inform your understandings of marriage and why do you think those traditions are more correct than others?
3. Could you explain to me why you claim that you’re so concerned about “PEOPLE AND VALUES”(emphasis yours) but then seem to think that it’s perfectly acceptable for government to regulate the private affairs of consenting adults—your fourth point on your advertisement appears to emphasize less government, but your support of “TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE” (again, emphasis yours) seems to contradict that.

Let me conclude with this, Senator DeMint: family does mean everything. It means everything to far too many young men and women each year who tragically take their lives because they can’t bear to live in a society in which people like you influence their parents and peers to treat gays and lesbians like subhumans. It means everything to people like me who would like to one day share their lives with someone and enjoy the benefits of companionship, but, because of people like you, have to constantly fight for the respect of people like you who take “traditional marriage” for granted. Family means everything to those men and women who have partnered with someone, but yet have to fight to get the same benefits and respect you so blithely enjoy and callously wield as a weapon.

Yes, Senator, family does mean everything. It’s reprehensible that you think family means denying rights to fellow Americans.



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