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When Ugly Clothes Happen to Gorgeous People October 5, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Observations, Popular Culture.

Courtesy of the ever-so-wonderful ProjectRungay:

Fig 1: Okay so far…

Fig. 2: Holy Mother of Spock!

I’ll let Tom and Lorenzo’s words speak for themselves:

Whenever we see a world-class beauty getting it so wrong it makes us sad. Like putting a beautiful painting in a shitty frame. To be fair, she looks great from the waist up. Red and black look amazing on her and they’ve been her go-to colors for years. We love the idea of pairing that – is it called a jumpsuit if it’s sleeveless? We’ll call it a jumpsuit. We love the idea of pairing that jumpsuit with a tuxedo jacket. Love the hair, makeup and jewelry. It’s those frigging clown pants that ruin the look. For one, she’s not tall enough to pull them off. For another, even if she was tall enough to pull them off, they’re clown pants. We don’t mind a palazzo pant, but when it swallows up the feet it’s both a fashion faux pas and really stupid-looking. If you had Salma Hayek’s body, would you go for a look that makes you look like you have elephant legs?




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