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Law and Order: Los Angeles October 2, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Law and Order, Popular Culture.

Fig. 1: I have a bad feeling about this…

Well, children, “Law and Order: Los Angeles” premiered this week. My comments about this televisual abomination will be brief.

I didn’t like it.

It just didn’t feel right. I mean, it would have been different had they put this on the air a few years back and then phased the original out, but we got a sudden cancellation and then this. It’s like having your comfort food suddenly taken away from you and two minutes later having a plate of wilted lettuce shove in front of you.

Now, I may be judging this show too harshly, since I bear nothing but love for the original L&O, but I don’t think my opinion will improve.

Why, you ask?

Fig. 2: Aw, damn.

I just can’t imagine Howard as a prosecutor. Oh, wait; I can. It’s just a horrible imagination. I see him strutting about the courtroom, his beady eyes glaring at the defendant and then, in his best slow, smarmy voice, he drawls out the kind of “gotcha!” lines that were best uttered by Sam Waterston.

What’s worse, is that this show follows Law and Order: Really Crazy Shit (aka SVU).

And can I say a little about SVU? Must every damn episode of SVU be A Very Special Episode Designed So That Mariska Hargitay Gets An Emmy Nod?



1. Anon - October 2, 2010

SVU is so good that is in 12th season with success. And you should not watch lo.Porque there to do this episode for Mariska to appear. She does not need. What happens is that it is a great actress and always stands out.

Skippy - October 3, 2010


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