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CRAAAAAZY! September 29, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Gay and Lesbian Issues, General Weirdness, Observations.
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Watch this bit of CRAZY and discuss:

Fig. 1: Can you spot the Crazy?

Children, there is something very wrong in this nation when a guy like Andrew Shirvell can become the assistant attorney general of the state of Michigan. This guy seems…obsessed with Chris Armstrong, a gay University of Michigan college student and the president of the student body. He has a blog called “Chris Armstrong Watch”—the blog itself reads like Shirvell is uncovering a Ginormous Theat to All Existence; frankly, it’s the ravings of a paranoid delusional closet case.

I watched the video…and still have no idea what Shirvell’s problem is—besides the obvious, that is. And by that I mean that he’s CLEARLY a closet case who has fixated on an attractive young man who’s up and coming and, since he can’t have sex with him (BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE WRONG!!111!), he’ll try to destroy him. The fuel to this crazy closet fire is the fact that Armstrong is a student at Michigan, which gives Shirvell just the “cover” he thinks he can use—note that he claims to be so concerned for the University of Michigan, since it’s “his school.”

Come on, Shirvell. Who in the hot hell do you think you’re fooling, you idiot? As Anderson Cooper basically pointed out, what grown ass man even gives a rat’s fat ass what some kid who’s president of a pretty useless organization does? What grown ass man in his right mind stalks a college student? Again, this guy is crazy, full stop. And again, he’s devoted an entire website to trying to take down a college student.

Do you know what’s even worse about this stupidity? His boss, Mike Cox, is a simpering idiot running for governor. If he had any sense whatsoever, he’d fire this putrid, pathetic pestilence and have done with him.

Andrew Shirvell? I cannot wait until the day when you slip up and are found in a compromising position. In the meantime, you can take your place alongside Fake Bishop Eddie Long:



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