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A Hit Dog Hollers, continued September 23, 2010

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As they say, the hits just keep on coming. Yesterday, CNN reported that a third person filed a lawsuit against “Bishop” Eddie Long claiming that he coerced them into a sexual relationship.

WSBTV posted a slideshow of pictures Long allegedly sent to these young men.

Long was supposed to have a news conference and appear on a radio show to address these allegations; he cancelled the news conference and now a spokesperson will appear on the Tom Joyner Morning Show in his stead.

The newest plaintiff, Jamal Parris, details how Long wormed his way into his life. From WSBTV.com:

In the latest lawsuit, the plaintiff, Jamal Parris, detailed how Long allegedly gave him his personal cell phone number two weeks after the two first met.[ Parris also alleged that Long encouraged him to call him “daddy.” According to the suit, Parris’ father had not been a positive figure in his life.
Parris said he joined New Birth in 2001. He said he later became Long’s personal assistant, and that Long would ask him to remain in his private office after church, where Long engaged in sexual misconduct with Parris, according to the suit. Parris said he eventually left the church and later found out from other young male church members that they too had sexual contact with the bishop, according to the suit.

From CNN.com:

Parris joined New Birth in 2001, when he was 14. Long counseled Parris when the latter talked about his strained relationship with his father and got him a job as a summer camp counselor at the church, the suit states.
The suit, which like the others was filed by Atlanta attorney B.J. Bernstein, claims Long engaged in sexual acts with Parris. The young man eventually became a church employee and served as personal assistant to Long and traveled with him, the suit says. The pastor continued to engage in sexual activity with Parris and gave him money, trips and gifts, the suit says.
It says Parris left the church in late 2009, “disillusioned, confused and angry about his relationship with Defendant Long.” The bishop manipulated and deceived Parris into thinking that the acts were a “healthy component of his spiritual life,” the suit states.

If these allegations are true—and I’m hearing chatter that says they are true—then this motherfucker is a vile, evil bastard. You see, what this bastard did was create an atmosphere of trust. He used his position as pastor (or “bishop” if you’re so inclined to buy into that self-aggrandizing bullshit) to prey on vulnerable boys. Note: this predatory mess began with each of these boys when they were under the age of 18. He probably found guys like Parris, who either didn’t have a father in the home or didn’t have a good one and positioned himself as an admirable father figure. After all, he’s the “bishop,” and “Bishop” wouldn’t lie or try to hurt you, would he? (When I lived in Atlanta, I’d hear those damned New Birth sycophants always refer to this bastard simply as “Bishop”) And this wolf in muscle shirts began throwing money their way, taking them on trips, and sidling up to them, gaining their trust and little by little, inch by inch, introducing sexual activity into the relationship. Of course, knowing that these boys might experience a bit of cognitive dissonance—after all, they’ve likely heard him preach these fire-breathing sermons about “the gays” and they saw him lead that march through Atlanta against gay marriage—he, in a stunning act of hypocrisy and guile, twists the Bible to suit his own predatory agenda.

Those who would defend this lying, deceitful, abusive monster really need to check themselves. They need to take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves why they would even need to defend Long. Are their identities so tied up in the flash and glam that this vermin presented that they no longer can tell truth from fiction? Are they so blinded by Long’s cultivated “celebrity” and the status that being a member of New Birth afforded them that they would sooner continue in a lie rather than accept the truth that they were swayed by a snake-oil selling charlatan?

And now those morons who would defend Long are bleating about “praying for Long.” Where were your prayers when this excrement was preying on impressionable young men? Where were your prayers when this excrement was parading through Atlanta and demonizing gays and lesbians who have enough courage and tenacity to not only come out of the closet, but also fight for the same rights which heterosexuals enjoy? Where were your prayers each and every Sunday when this excrement would preach sexist, homophobic sermons at eleven and then in the afternoon would molest his parishioners?

I think the worst thing about this is that there will always be another predatory charlatan to take his place. Eddie Long may fade away, but another self-hating, power-mad jackass is waiting in the wings, ready to use religion in order to satisfy his or her own selfish needs and wants.



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