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Guess Who’s Coming To South Carolina? September 16, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Rants, Religion.
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Fig. 1: This idiot.

I would have been blissfully unaware of this pestilence’s assault upon the Upstate of South Carolina but for a chance encounter with an unfortunate commercial advertising his “miracle crusade.”

Fig. 2: It’s a miracle that no one in this motley assemblage of the hoodwinked and bamboozled got a frickin’ clue.

So, here the charlatan comes, spreading his snake-oil lies and glib nonsense. What saddens me is that there will likely be thousands of people who will show up to this fools’ festival, hoping for a “miracle.” These are people who can ill-afford to be parted from their money, but will probably gladly give him cash thinking that they’re “honoring God.” Instead, what they’re doing is fattening the wallet of a two-bit huckster who hasn’t the conscience of an alcoholic gnat.



1. Maughta - September 17, 2010

We so need to go!!!!!!!!

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