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CON!!!!!!!! September 7, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Comics, Popular Culture, Science Ficton.
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Children, I must confess something. A secret shame so deep, I have never admitted it, lest the authorities revoke my Geek Card.

I have never been to a sci-fi/fantasy convention.

Fig. 1: The shame! The horror!

So, when two of my friends said they’d be in Atlanta for Dragon*Con, I figured I’d take a trip down to the ATL and go the con. After all, it would likely be as close as I’d get to going to the San Diego Comic-Con.

Fig. 2: Mecca for 125,000 nerds, geeks and everything in between.

Children, I had no. idea. I just thought I’d go on Friday, have dinner with friends and then, on Saturday, register for a one-day pass and geek out. I had heard that the one-day registration line was quite smooth on Friday, so I expected that the Saturday line would be equally smooth.

Fig. 3: This is what “wrong” looks like.

The line for registration circled the entire block. However, it moved fairly quickly…until we got inside. There, the line for credit/debit card users snaked in a seemingly endless maze of frustration and annoyance. Because convention hotels are always out to make a buck, they had set up helpful refreshment stations…for only $2.00 you could buy a tiny bottle of water or a can of Coke. Thanks, hotel! Why, I don’t at all mind being separated from my money! Anyway, after another hour inside the endless maze, I gave up.

But all was not lost, as I had the pleasure of standing around, gawking at all the colorfully dressed nerds, geeks and everything in between, and discussing science fiction, conventions, and religious pilgrimage with Jessica, a friend who teaches at a college in Iowa. Our other friend Heather was busy drooling over Michael Shanks and Ben Browder.

Frankly, this was way more interesting than any academic conference I’ve been to. It was like Nerdy Gras.

This being my first con ever, I must say, I was overwhelmed. Honestly, I think I said “fascinating” or “AWESOME” about five hundred times on Saturday. I was amazed at the Edward James Olmos lookalike who was wearing a pretty spot-on Battlestar Galactica uniform. I cringed at the number of guys who did not need to be wearing any form of Superman uniform. And then I saw this:

Fig. 4: AWESOME.

I did not know this at the time, but the reason there were so many Trek fans in various outfits ranging from “seriously?” to “AWESOME” was that there was an attempt to break a record of people in Trek costumes at a convention. As I understand it, Dragon*Con won, with just over 500 people in various Trek costumes. Again, awesome.

Anyway, like I said, I was overwhelmed. I still don’t really know how to process all that I saw—

Oh, wait! I also saw Denise Crosby (TNG’s Tasha Yar and Romulan Commander Sela) at the lunch bar in a hotel. Jessica and Heather can attest that I literally yelped and then began gushing about all the episodes in which she played the half-human, half-Romulan Sela and that omigod, I was sitting about thirty feet from her and no, I am not going to ask her for an autograph, as she’s just trying to get some food and that would be rude and I’m not that kind of Trekkie.

All I have to say is this: next year, I’m going, and I’m registering for the whole weekend. And I’m going to wear either a TNG or TOS uniform. Oh, yes, children. This is going to happen.



1. Heidi - September 7, 2010

Good for you, Professor Skippy! Glad it was better than anticipated.

2. Darin Bradley - September 11, 2010

The con experience is an essential part of every geek’s maturation. Some are good; some are bad. All build character.

Skippy - September 11, 2010

Next year, as Spock is my witness, I am going and I am wearing a Starfleet uniform. Oh, yes. This is happening.

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