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Skippy Loves Fall August 31, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Observations.

Fig. 1: Bliss.

Children, I love Fall. I love it when I can feel that it is just around the corner, when preseason football starts and the weather ever-so-slightly cools off. The air seems just a bit nicer and clearer…and when September rolls around, I am in heaven.

So, yeah. This is Why I Love Fall (with apologies to this random blog I found):
1. The weather starts to cool down, which allows me to start wearing my cooler weather clothes.
Basically, my fashion sense is atrocious. Sweaters and turtlenecks are just my attempt at ignoring the fact that I am about as fashion forward as the first person who got auf’d during the first season of Project Runway—do you remember that person? Neither do I, because they sucked. Anyway, what I’m saying is this: cooler weather=me covered up in monochromatic sweaters.

2. The cooler weather also allows me to start sleeping more comfortably again.
There’s nothing I love more than throwing the windows open on a nice Fall night and letting a very cool breeze in as I snuggle under the comforter. Best sleep ever.

3. It’s soup eating season again!
Children, I love soup. Well, let me be specific. I love creamy soups. Cream of chicken, cream of turkey…mmm!! I once had this soup at a local restaurant in South Hadley, MA called a chicken a’la king soup. I went back to that restaurant every day for a week to eat that soup. Then they took it off the menu, and then they changed managers and never had the soup on again. I’ve tried for years to reproduce that soup, to find recipes for it, but to no avail. Children, that soup changed my life and has been, in my opinion, the best soup I’ll ever eat. Every time Fall rolls around, I think of that soup. Don’t laugh; that shit was AWESOME.

4. I love the smell of the air as the seasons change.
The morning air as we glide into Fall is absolutely gorgeous. It’s crisp, it’s clear, and best of all, it’s not filled with pollen and other such nonsense. It smells almost electric to me.

5. I love the colors of the leaves.
I mean, come on. Who doesn’t? Who wouldn’t want to hop in the car and go for a drive in the woods with the windows down and some smooth jazz playing? Who wouldn’t want to go to a nice park and sit down amongst all the changing leaves and take in a nice, comfortable day?

You know what makes a Perfect Fall Saturday? Gorgeous weather, a good bowl of soup and College Football in the afternoon.

Fig. 2: HEAVEN.



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