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No One Ever Expects The Inquisition… August 19, 2010

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…but thanks to YouTube, you can see this one coming!

Fig. 1: My dictatorship will be totally benevolent…unlike all those other dictatorships.

Ok, children. I understand that YouTube is basically a Candyland of Crazy. I mean, anyone with two brain cells to rub together and a video camera can make anything, and upload it to the Innertubes for everyone to see.

But this? This is special. This whackaloon thinks that what America needs is a Catholic monarchy. That’ll fix everything, right? Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but…haven’t humans tried that before?

Fig. 1: Hey, Isabella, wanna start an Inquisition?

Ok, so this Voris fellow (he graduated from college, yo!) goes on about, essentially, being made fun of over on biologist PZ Myers’ blog and keeps referring to the comments on the blog and probably over on YouTube as “hate speech.” Thanks for cheapening the meaning of the term, college graduate Voris! Anyway, Voris keeps referring to our current government as a “secular humanist” government—I guess it just ain’t a good government unless someone not only recommends you worship their deity, but requires it, under pain of death!

For purposes of reference, here’s the original video in which he outlines the “problem” with democracy:

Fig. 2: Interestingly enough, Voris removed this video, but someone else saved it…hmmmm…

What’s interesting is how he characterizes voters—he straw mans anyone who doesn’t support his particular ideology and, without one whit of irony, calls this hypothetical voter “self-absorbed.” So, clearly, anyone who supports abortion rights and gay marriage is, by his definition, an uninformed, ignorant imbecile who “doesn’t give a hoot” about society and wants to see it destroyed.

And then, he says that “only virtuous people should be allowed to vote.”

Um. WHAT? How, exactly, does one classify someone as “virtuous”? Are we going to use those purity tests that 12-year-old girls did back in middle school? I mean, since he’s going to go this route, why not just make it so only white, land-owning males can vote, since women by their very nature are defiled and sinful and what-not? Also, he describes humankind as “fallen”—so, dude can’t have it both ways. If all of humanity is “fallen” then no one could be “virtuous.”

But wait—Michael Voris, college graduate, says that in order to save democracy, we must destroy it by limiting the vote to “faithful” Catholics.

I’ll wait for you to clean up your exploded brain matter.

Ok, back now? Good. Somehow, this guy was not paying any attention in his civics class. I don’t think he knows who wrote the Constitution, nor does he know this nation’s…interesting history when it comes to Catholicism. The freedom of expression (both religious and political) which allows him to spew his nonsense is the same freedom he’d gleefully deprive pretty much everyone who isn’t Catholic.

I guarantee you this: if YouTube censored or removed his whackaloon videos, he’d be screaming about his First Amendment rights as though he had one flipping clue as to what that First Amendment actually is.



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