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Don’t Call Lynne Rosenthal, Rebel English Professor a “Leader”… August 18, 2010

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Fine. How about blinkered idiot, instead?

The Saga of the Idiot English Professor continues:

Lynne Rosenthal, the English professor who caused a ruckus in an Upper West Side Starbucks when she refused to bow to what she called the coffee giant’s “linguistic fascism,” says she’s no folk hero — but she won’t ever patronize Starbucks again.

Rosenthal, who’s in her 60s, was kicked out of a Starbucks at West 86th Street and Columbus Avenue after she tried to order a plain multi-grain bagel, the New York Post reported Monday.

When the employee behind the counter asked Rosenthal, “Do you want butter or cheese?” the English professor refused to say, “without butter or cheese.”

She thought “plain” would suffice.

Rosenthal told DNAinfo that Starbucks’ use of language was “Orwellian,” a reference to George Orwell’s depiction of government manipulation of language in the novel “1984.”

“It’s all about control,” Rosenthal said. “They’re trying to control the language and in that way create a different reality. Unless you obey that language, they lose control.”

Oh, my Honda. “Orwellian”? Seriously? Ok, I’ll get to that in a second.

So, according to her tale of enormous woe, after she ordered her plain toasted multigrain bagel, the poor, unfortunate, put-upon English professor suffered the indignity of being asked if she wanted butter or cheese. Wow, how horrible.

Fig. 1: When’s the candlelight vigil to honor Lynne Rosenthal’s deep sacrifice?

Question, children. Why the fuck didn’t she just say “No” and move the fuck on?

Oh, that’s right: because she’s a pompous, self-absorbed git who possesses no sense of proportionality whatsoever. No matter how you slice it, her response to that innocuous question was absolutely out of bounds. No rational person who has any kind of emotional maturity would have reacted the way she did. But then again, I’ve met allegedly intelligent people who, when faced with dealing with those in the service industry, turn into pompous, self-absorbed gits. You’ve met them: they treat wait staff like they’re the gnat in the gum on the bottom of their shoe, unnecessarily spout off at a visibly overworked cashier as though the crowded store and the slow customer in front was their fault, and regard anyone who has a workaday job and doesn’t possess an “advanced” degree as their own personal servant. They’re the kind of person you definitely don’t want to go out to dinner with, because you can bet on there being something “extra” in your food. They’re the kind of person who makes you spend your evening apologizing to service workers and being extra nice to in a vain hope to karmically (is that even a word?) balance the absolute shite that the self-absorbed git is flinging.

Anyway, so the pompous, self-absorbed git who couldn’t simply respond, “No” characterizes the stupid sizes that Starbuck’s uses as “Orwellian.”



Can we talk for a moment, Lynne Rosenthal, PhD? I’ve just got a few things to say.

Give me a fucking break, lady. You are on some serious bullshit if you think that “Orwellian” means what you said it means, especially in the context of a damn coffee shop. Starbucks is not part of some damned conspiracy to instill “groupthink” in the minds of Americans. If you go to McDonald’s and see “tall,” “venti,” or “grande” or whatever frakkin’ sizes Starbucks uses and then you go to Lane Bryant and see the same damn thing and then you open Webster’s and see the same damn thing, then you might have a point. As it stands, you’re talking straight up out of your ass in a retarded attempt to justify your pathetic tantrum. Seek help, fool.


1. sleepyhead - August 20, 2010

Go for it Skippy, show your deep understanding of the culture in which you bathe…

Like a fish doesn’t see the water it lives in, I would argue you can’t see the keenness of Starbucks – and MacDonalds, etc etc – to direct our language.

I don’t mean that some overworked employee wasn’t also overzealous, and initially that may be all it was… but what manager would want one of their employees to do that to a customer? The easy response is that she – the prof – must have been totally out of control? Yeah, and Im too delicate to recognize your wonderful irony… hmmm, I don’t think so….

Skippy - August 20, 2010

Um, okay…

You do realize that language changes, right? And that corporations, whether we like it or not, have had a hand in the ways in which we use words (think: Kleenex, Coke, etc.). So, yeah, your “fish” analogy is a bit wet. And your last paragraph makes no sense whatsoever.

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