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Ah, The Sanctity of Marriage August 8, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Gay and Lesbian Issues, Observations.
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You know marriage between a man and a woman is a sacred institution that must be entered into with all gravity and seriousness. Children, marriage between a man and a woman is so sacred, we must do whatever we can to protect this fragile, sacred institution. Also, we should celebrate whenever a man and a woman unite, for it shows how enduring this sacred institution is. In fact, it’s so sacred, that if you find yourself charged with intent to distribute crack cocaine, you know what you should do after your hearing?

You should get married:

When it came time for Takesha Piazza and Franklin Barndt to marry Friday, the bride wore a gray suit and the groom wore a tan prison jumpsuit and handcuffs.

Barndt, of Easton, is in Northampton County Prison while he awaits trial for drug charges.

Barndt was in front of Judge Leonard Zito on Friday for a motions hearing, but the couple used the opportunity to tie the knot.

Fig. 1: Did he go to Jared?

So, let me get this straight. This douchebag can get married, but I, who have never been arrested much less possessed crack cocaine with the intent to distribute can’t, because the oh-so-concerned heterosexual citizens of my state and country think that I and people like me will destroy the institution? Let me put it this way: I guarantee you I couldn’t do much worse to the institution of marriage than these two idiots have already done.



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