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Vile Cretins: Hospital Refuses to Treat Transgender Patient August 5, 2010

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Yes, you read that headline correctly. A hospital in Indiana refused to treat a transgendered patient.

[Erin] Vaught, a trans woman, entered Ball Memorial Hospital in East Central Indiana on July 18, 2010 and was instantly met with discrimination. Upon checking in with her wife and son at the admissions desk, Vaught was ridiculed and disrespected for being transgender. She showed her identification card to the workers, but was entered into the system as “male” instead of “female” even though her ID stated otherwise. When she pushed the issue, they flat-out denied changing the entry in the system.

Disrespectful comments flew around the exam room when healthcare workers and nurses asked Vaught’s wife if her wife was a “he-she”, “it” or “transvestite.”Giggling and discomfort were the doctor’s orders that day, which reportedly devastated Vaught and her immediate family standing beside her. After a two-hour wait, a doctor approached Vaught and told her that she couldn’t treat her because of her “condition.”Replying that her condition was the fact that she was coughing up blood with no knowledge as to why, the doctor further explained that she was referring to her “transgender condition”.

Read the full account of this abomination here.

These people involved need to be fired—or at the very least, suspended for a very long time WITHOUT pay. I don’t want to read about them sitting in some damn “sensitivity course”—I have had it up to here with idiots of racist, homophobic, transphobic or sexist stripes being made to take “sensitivity training” after they abuse the rights of someone else. You know what corrects heinous behavior? Swift and decisive punishment. They’re not being punished if they sit in a cushy room and listen to some hippie drone on about being kind to one another and making them complete some stupid “daisy flower” or making them stand in a circle and recite some nonsense mantra about how we’re all the same.

These fools forgot the Hippocratic Oath—and the last time I checked, the Oath didn’t have provisions that exclude transgendered people. These fools forgot that their number one duty is to take care of the sick, to provide for the general welfare and to do so in a professional and courteous manner devoid of bias. For this, these vile cretins need to be smacked down with extreme prejudice.

Ball Memorial Hospital president Mike Haley says Indiana Equality and the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance will join in a review of the hospital’s policies and training.

He says the woman’s complaint greatly concerned the hospital and that it would improve its sexual orientation and gender identity awareness training.


No. Fuck that. Haley needs to find out who said what and throw their asses out onto the street.



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