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Look! It’s Sarah Palin’s Second Patriotic, Red, White, and Blue Book Cover! July 30, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Observations, Politics.
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Can’t you see how much she LOVES America? She’s wearing not one, but TWO pieces of I Love America jewelry.

But wait—I seem to remember something from yesteryear about her hubby (Todd Palin, for those of you who might not remember his name) being a member of a secessionist party. Now, I’m not saying that Sarah was also a secessionist, but I have to wonder what dinnertime and bedtime was like with them. What did they discuss—besides how many wolves she shot from a helicopter and why Bristol was dating that meathead hockey player?

Sarah: Soooo, Todd, how’s that secessionist party going?
Todd: Going great, Sarah. You should join!
Sarah: Oh, no, Toddy. Don’t you know how much I LOVE America, as shown by this lovely I Love America charm bracelet? How could you ask such an un-American thing of me? I love Real America—except for that part of New York City that isn’t Ground Zero.
Todd: Oh, c’mere Sarah, you Real American…

My other question is: who ghostwrote this book? I’d bet good money that Sarah hasn’t actually written a damn thing. Just sayin’.



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