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When Idiots Attack: Tim LaHaye Says Obama Is Bringing Us Closer To “The Apocalypse” July 29, 2010

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Watch this foolishness:

Ok, I’ve got a number of points:
1. Does Fox Noise give every washed-up, quitter politician who can’t get the White House a talk show as some kind of consolation prize?

2. Tim LaHaye is the “Matlock” of American Christianity: the only people who could possibly pay his dumb ass any attention have to be old enough to remember the Model T. I’m [not] sorry, but when you’re part of the dumbtastic duo responsible for this retarded nonsense, you don’t deserve to be taken seriously. At all.

3. “Raw socialism”? Is “cooked socialism” different? You know what kills me about these right-wing crackheads? Whatever they don’t like=socialism. Whatever they do like=freedom! Let me give you an example: expanding healthcare to cover more Americans? SOCIALISM!!11! Expanding government in the form of the TSA and Department of Homeland Security? Totally FREEDOM!!!111!!!

4. If Obama is bringing us closer to this “apocalypse,” shouldn’t LaHaye and Huckabee fairly be jumping for joy? I mean, as I understand evangelical Christianity in America, they wouldn’t even be around—according to their ideology, all the good Christians will be beamed away magically transported to “heaven” before the Apocalypse. I mean, if I bought into that particular mythology, I’d be all for anything that Kenyan in the White House did, because that means I’d be just that closer to hanging out with Jesus and Moses for all eternity. Shouldn’t LaHaye be thrilled?

Fig. 1: It’s the End of the World as we know it…and I feel just fine!

Or maybe—just maybe—LaHaye, Huckabee and their ilk aren’t too sure that they’d be “raptured.” Maybe deep down in the recesses of their cold, black hearts, they realize that they’ve been the polar opposite of what they claim Jesus stood for. Perhaps they’re afraid that the god they worship will be as judgmental as they have been about everyone and everything—which, really isn’t that far a stretch, considering their rigid belief in “hell” and slavish, unquestioning fealty to a deity that would arbitrarily consign billions of people to it.



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