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The Dead Have Arisen: Lauryn Hill Has A New Single! July 28, 2010

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All I have to say is…


Ok, I’m not one given to such expressions…except when I hear Good Music. See, when “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” came out, it was an instant classic. Frankly, I would rank this up there with “Songs In The Key Of Life.” This album had a profound effect—for young black women, Lauryn represented a strong, black woman (not the cliche that you see in Tyler Perry films) who wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable. Her music wasn’t about “droppin’ it like it’s hot” or name-dropping shit you can’t afford. But she wasn’t trying to be pretentious either—her songs were about living life in the real world, not some tarted up, clichéd fantasy world where people sing crap about swimming over seven seas and giving you the moon and the Orion Nebula.

Honestly, had she not gone…well, through whatever changes she was going through, and had she put out at least one more album, I would say she would be on her way to being spoken of in the same breath as Stevie Wonder. I really don’t think that’s hyperbole; listening to “Miseducation” immediately makes me think of Stevie and his more introspective or socially-conscious work. Again, think “Songs in the Key of Life.”

I really hope this is the return of the Lauryn Hill who isn’t this:

but is this:



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