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What The Damn?!: President Obama Going on “The View” July 27, 2010

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No, dear reader, you are not having a stroke (yet). President Barack Hussein Obama is going to be on “The View” this Thursday.
+=Full On Idiocy.

Here’s how this is going to go down:
Since Barbara Walters is coming back specifically for this episode, she’ll get first crack. She’ll most likely ask pointed questions about the conduct of the war in Afghanistan and dealing with the Republican’ts. She will be the least annoying of this assemblage.

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar will ask a few “hard-hitting” questions interspersed with some humorous questions. Look for them to ask questions about the Shirley Sherrod debacle…and then pop a question about whether or not he’s Team Jacob or Team Edward. As long as Whoopi doesn’t say some retarded shit about “rape rape” or “he’s not racist! He’s my friend! My freinnnnd!” things should go along just fine.

Fig. 1: I wonder if she’ll ask Obama if he’s “black black”

So far, so good…

…until the Dumbass Duo get their .01 cent in.

Fig. 2: Dumb and Dumber. Try to figure out which one is which.

Sherri Shepherd will fawn all over him like he’s the last rib at a barbecue. She will likely ask a dumb question about race…or a question about Michelle and how did she find such a good man and does he have any brothers. She will most definitely ask him a question about his “faith” and how it “sustains” him in the Oval Office. Be prepared for a ridiculously generic answer which Shepherd will sop up and then make another stupid comment about how she wants a Good Black Man like him.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Oh, good lord. The stupid which will proceed forth from her piehole will likely cause a minor implosion. Since it’s, you know, the freakin’ President of the United States, she can’t go full-on attack dog—which, in her case, resembles a rather pissed-off yappy Pomeranian you’d like to drop-kick across the room. However, she’s the designated “conservative,” so she’s going to try to be like the grown-ups and “challenge” Obama with some watered-down right-wing talking points—at which point, Joy and Whoopi will start screeching at her. Obama will smile, do his trademark stutter-speech (“Uhm, well, you know…”) and then say something so generic (bonus points if he uses the word “bipartisan”!), the only possible response could be thunderous applause from the audience.

All in all, it should be a typical episode of “The View.”



1. Heidi - July 27, 2010

“Last rib at the barbecue…” Oh, my blessed Lord! You are so on target with all of these women that it scares me. I’m beginning to wonder about your tv viewing habits. Thanks for the laugh of my morning, Roger. 🙂

Skippy - July 27, 2010

I aim to please! 🙂

2. Ty - July 27, 2010

If anyone on earth is dumber than Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I can’t imagine it. It would be like a black hole of stupidity. A point of idiocy collapsed down to infinite density.

It would destroy the world.

Skippy - July 27, 2010

That could be called “quantum stupidity”–a parallel to your idea of “quantum crazy.”

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