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Shut Up, Ben Stein. July 26, 2010

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Read this nonsense and tell me you aren’t thinking the same thing:

The people who have been laid off and cannot find work are generally people with poor work habits and poor personalities. I say “generally” because there are exceptions. But in general, as I survey the ranks of those who are unemployed, I see people who have overbearing and unpleasant personalities and/or who do not know how to do a day’s work. They are people who create either little utility or negative utility on the job. Again, there are powerful exceptions and I know some, but when employers are looking to lay off, they lay off the least productive or the most negative. To assure that a worker is not one of them, he should learn how to work and how to get along — not always easy.

Well, thanks a million, Ben Stein. I’m sure that the vast majority of the upwards of 9 million Americans who are jobless are exactly as you say—“overbearing and unpleasant.” Who knew? Who knew that the economic crash in America was based solely on people’s personalities? Who knew that every corporation, every small business, every school district and governmental agency that laid people off since 2007 only laid off overbearing and unpleasant people? I mean, out of 300 million people, I’m certain that there are 9 million who are disagreeable and unpleasant—how fortunate that our economic system is so finely attuned to the personality quirks of people and can, at a whim, lay them off!

You know what? Shut the fuck up and go sit in a corner, Ben Stein.



1. Rima - July 26, 2010

So the recession is really just the result of giving lazy, overbearing people what they deserve? Then we should definitely come up with a new name for it. “Recession” just doesn’t convey the self-righteous assholery that Ben Stein so lovingly explains to us plebes.

Skippy - July 26, 2010

And if people were lazy, why would they have a job in the first place?

2. Rima - July 26, 2010


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