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Random Aside July 26, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Observations.
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Yesterday, I went to the mall to check out the new Apple Store. As I was walking around the mall and reaffirming my dwindling faith in humanity, I saw a dude…

…wearing a Justin Bieber T-shirt.

Now, I know Judith Butler is probably somewhere wondering “Who is this who is invoking gender conformity?” but I was befuddled—was this guy making some kind of ironic statement? By wearing a Justin Bieber concert tour (this fool’s given concerts?), is this guy knowingly mocking tween girl obsessions with this mop-haired creature? Or was he seriously a fan of Justin Bieber? That then opened the door to so many questions, I had to shove that image out of my head and focus on buying a pair of khakis.

Justin Bieber? Why???



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