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Shirley Sherrod: “I Really Think I Should Sue Andrew Breitbart” July 23, 2010

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From TPM:

Shirley Sherrod said this morning on CNN that she would like to “get back at” Andrew Breitbart.

Asked if she would consider a defamation suit against Breibart, the conservative blogger who posted the edited clip that got her fired, she said, “I really think I should.”

“I don’t know a lot about the legal profession but that’s one person I’d like to get back at, because he came at me. He didn’t go after the NAACP; he came at me,” she went on.

Hell, yes she should sue him for defamation of character. It was his edited (I repeat, edited) version of her comments about race that caused the shitstorm that eventually got her fired. It was his misrepresentation of her character that caused her troubles. It was his blog entry in which he claimed she was a racist—sure, he’s now backtracking at warp speed:

After we reported yesterday that the Shirley Sherrod scandal came the same week as the Senate may vote on authorizing $1.15 billion in restitution for black farmers, Andrew Breitbart wrote us that that had nothing to do with it.

“No. Seriously. On everything I hold dear,” Breitbart swore in an email to TPMmuckraker. As he has since the full-length video of Sherrod’s speech came out, sparking a backlash against him, Breitbart reiterated that none of this was ever about Sherrod personally.

Fig. 1: Andrew Breitbart, racist cockroach.

Like the roach that he is, when the light of truth is shone on his lying ways, he, like Rush Limbaugh, like Sarah Palin, like every single last idiotic, troglodytic, overfed and overprivileged bigoted zealot, will rush to say “I didn’t mean that! I didn’t say that horrible, horrible thing! I was just trying to do_________! Honest!” When it comes to idiots like Breitbart, honesty is a malleable concept and the lives of people who are trying to make this world a better place are nothing but tissue to be wiped on the asses of their arrogance.

So, yes. Sue him. Sue him and bring his lies to light. Show the world what a vile, reprehensible little “man” he is. Carbon-based lifeforms such as Andrew Breitbart do not deserve the niceties of polite society, so sue him for every last penny until he slinks back into the dark and disappears, as all cockroaches are wont to do.



1. Mike Boozer - July 23, 2010

Good stuff

-Mike, somebodyhadtosayit.com

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