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Breaking News: Sarah Palin Is An Idiot and a Bigot July 19, 2010

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Fig. 1: Sarah Palin, wordsmith.

Children, just when I think Sarah Palin reaches a new low in idiocy and foolishness, she goes and plumbs a new depth. She’s like the Jacques Cousteau of idiots. The Captain Kirk of blithering fools. The Neil Armstrong of ignorant jackasses. She’s got her knickers all in a twist about a mosque—actually, it’s more like a community center which would take over an existing building and be quite a ways away from “Ground Zero,” but when has Sarah Palin EVER bothered with facts when there’s xenophobia to whip up? So, like all intelligent, thoughtful, rational people, Palin has taken to the Twitter to voice her inestimable displeasure with all these brown people all these totally warlike Mooslims all these unpeaceful Muslims building a mosque across from Ground Zero and thumbing their defiant noses at all of America.

Realizing that people were making fun of her mangling the English language, she replaced that tweet with this one:

Fig. 2: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

All kidding aside, the bigotry operative here is mind-boggling. The only thing equally mind-boggling is the attempt at emotional manipulation operating in her tweets. One hour after the above tweet, the idiot strikes again:

Fig. 3: If you use the caps lock, you MUST be right!

I guess in Sarah Palin’s “real America,” “freedom of religion” and “freedom of assembly” only apply to Christians. They can build churches anywhere—but a community center that would be used primarily by Muslims? In NYC? Two blocks from Ground Zero??? PREPOSTEROUS! Oh, and in her words, “UNNECESSARY provocation.” I know that Twitter doesn’t allow for cogent, sustained arguments, but I’d love for Mrs. Palin to expound on such an assertion. How does this constitute an “unnecessary provocation”? Or is it that there is a reminder that there are Americans who aren’t Jesus-loving churchgoers frustrating to the former governor? Does it upset her that people aren’t chasing and persecuting Muslims en masse?

Is she equating all Muslims with Al-Qaida? (of course she is) Is she jumping on an “issue” in order to whip up xenophobic frenzy among her sheeple? (absofuckinlutely) Note how she uses “peaceful New Yorkers” and pits them against Muslims. I guess in her “mind,” no New Yorker is also a Muslim. Further, she vilifies Muslims—even though she calls them “peaceful,” it’s clear that she thinks they’re anything but. If they disagree with her half-witted banalities, clearly they’re NOT peace-seeking people and only wish to inflict grievous psychic wounds upon the rest of America. Also, it’s amazing how this…”person” deploys words like “peaceful” when it’s clear that she’s anything but. She seems to forget that during John McCain’s presidential bid she presided over rallies that were more like Two Minute Hates. Did she EVER “refudiate” any of the hateful, hate-filled crap spewed by any of her supporters?

Fig. 4: This pretty much says it all.

PS: I’d love to ask her to expound on the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam. I’m sure her explanation would be one for the books.



1. Heidi - July 20, 2010

I am so very glad you are not anywhere near Middle TN right now. We are in the midst of the most hateful crap here in the ‘Boro with these same inane arguments. There’s been a Muslim presence and mosque in Murfreesboro for over 30 years with nary a problem until they wanted to actually build a building that fit the size of their growing congregation. Now it seems they are a potential training camp etc. and shouldn’t be allowed to build a new facility.

It’s a nightmare. I never thought I’d see this kind of hate and ignorance around the right to worship as one chooses. I used to think folks like Palin were too stupid to acknowledge but I’m increasingly worried about her reach and the ways in which her supporters respond. The only heartening thing has been an outpouring of University-based folks supporting freedom of religion. I can’t believe in the 21st century we are actually having to defend this right.

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