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Shut Up, Chris Brown June 30, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Popular Culture, Rants.
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First off, I know that this blog entry is very, very late. In the world of popular culture, blogging about Chris Brown’s BET Awards shenanigans on Wednesday is like writing about the Crimean War as though it was recent history. But other events in the world of geekery called my attention, namely, the impending destruction of both Superman and Wonder Woman by J. Michael Straczynski. He’s really about to squander what residual goodwill he had garnered from Babylon 5 with his “writing” of both these characters. I’ll get back to him in another post.

So, anyway,

Fig. 1: Just when I didn’t think I could hate Chris Brown any more, he goes and proves me dead wrong.

Seriously, dude, shut up. Sit yo’ woman-beating, whiny-assed, pathetic apologizing, dumb wanna-be ass down. Your histrionics during “Man In The Mirror” was supposed to be…what? Deep? Did you think that we’d all say, “Oh, look. The woman beater is singing the words to ‘Man in the Mirror’ and is feeling them! He’s making a change!”

No, you punk-ass. What those of us who have more than five functional brain cells did was see this for the self-serving ploy that it is. What were you crying about anyway? Were you crying because you beat up a woman? Were you crying because you got caught? Were you crying because a radio station refused to play your shitty songs but had you on for an interview and then, like the afflicted brat you are, you storm out of the interview? What, exactly, had you so verklempt that you were strutting around the stage like a retarded chicken?

Let me tell you something, you two-bit punk. You want to see real emotion? Look at this:

And Patti made it through her tribute without acting a plumb fool. Until you can carry yourself with a modicum of grace, I’m going to need for you sit your ass on over there and shut up.



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[…] You have got to be kidding me. Of all the things in this society that are of great import to African Americans, I don’t think LeBron James and when and how he left the Cavs and some petulant, whiny owner who’s just trying to score points with Cavaliers season ticket holders rates. Did Jesse know that one of the police officers involved in the Sean Bell shooting is suing Bell’s estate? Did Jesse know that Johannes Mehserle, the Oakland cop who shot an unarmed black man in the back, was convicted of only involuntary manslaughter–by an all white jury?? Hell, did Jesse know that idiotard Chris Brown is still drawing breath and making an ass out of his fool self? […]

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