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Jesus Take The Wheel! Tyler Perry Rumored To Fire Staff After “Boondocks” Episode June 29, 2010

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Fig. 1: The Queen Is Not Amused

Children, it seems that Tyler Perry does NOT have a sense of humor about himself…especially when Aaron MacGruder sets his sights on him and makes fun of him in his cartoon “The Boondocks.” In an episode entitled “Pause” a Tyler Perry-ish guy named Winston Jerome hires Granddad to be in his play, “Ma Dukes Finds A Man.” Jerome is surrounded by a harem of hot men slathered in baby oil and is a deeply conflicted homosexual. I’m going to a call him a cuckoosexual. We’ll see if it catches on. Anyway, what’s going on is that Jerome is essentially running a cult of personality based on his wildly popular Christian chitlin circuit plays in order to score hot guys.

Now, if you haven’t seen the episode, go here and watch it in all it’s wonderfully snarky gloriousness.

Well, children, according to gossip blogger Carlton Jordan, Miss Mr. Perry was so enraged about the satirical slaying, he fired his staff!

Word on the streets is the recent ’Boondocks’ episode, that mocked everything TP hit a deep nerve with the mogul. Our source claims he’s paranoid and believes it was an inside job – based on the show’s accuracy!!!

Our source also says that Madea is giving pink slips to his entire staff [not the shirtless boy wonders of course] starting Friday – – he wants to control any leaks of information about ”the compound!!”

Well, well, well. I can’t say “he can dish it, but he can’t take it,” because nothing Perry has done has ever been critical of anything in African American life. And lest anyone get shirty about the Perry-ish character being a big flaming ‘mo, the rumors about Tyler Perry’s sexuality have been flying around The Black Community (an LLC with offices in Atlanta, Memphis, Los Angeles, New York, and now, The White House!) for years. Frankly, he sets my gaydar off; and I trust it, because I don’t find him in the least bit attractive. There ain’t no wishing for him to be on “our team”—that boy’s just flaming, as far as I’m concerned. And “Madea” is a way for him to “be” himself without reaping homophobic scorn. And his retrograde, regressive, and, frankly, retarded approaches to The Black Community, LLC to me underscore his cuckoosexuality. He himself so desires a Black Community in which he fits in, he uses his plays and movies to construct a mythical Black Community and inserts himself in as Madea, the crazy yet “wise” and universally beloved matriarch.

Which is all well and good…just don’t make a cartoon making fun of him. Then he loses his shit. Allegedly.



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