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News You Can Use: Tiki Barber Is Broke, Y’all June 23, 2010

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Fig. 1: Broke.

Children, divorce is a bitch. People who once told everybody that they would “love, honor, and cherish” each other begin reenacting the battle scenes out of “Braveheart.” The poor kids of the union begin being treated like chess pieces. The only people who get anything out of a divorce are the divorce attorneys. When I hear that a couple divorced “amicably,” I have to wonder if they gave a flying damn about each other in the first place.

Anyway, Tiki Barber and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Ginny, are definitely not in the amicable separation category. Their divorce is proceeding about as messily as one might expect, especially since his messy, dumb ass left his then eight-months pregnant wife for a 23 year-old intern. Well, now it seems that Tiki is claiming that he is broke and cannot afford the divorce settlement. As you may know, after the news of him diddling the intern came out, NBC decided “to part ways with him,” costing dear philandering Tiki a $300,000 a year network contract.

Fig. 2: Is this woman worth $300,000 a year, plus a marriage, plus alimony?



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