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Surprise! Racist S.C. Legislator Is Still Racist June 17, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Politics, Rants.
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After being censured by the state Republican Party for calling gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley and President Barack Obama “a raghead,” state senator Jake Knotts responded. One might think he would be chagrined and repentant, especially since he issued a tepid apology. Now, Mr. Knotts has come out swinging.
From ThinkProgress.org:

In response to the censure, Knotts said he “could care less” and would not resign. In a separate interview, he said the censure was “all politics,” and warned that libertarians had “infiltrated” the party. He said he had not called Haley to personally apologize, and that the “press has given Nikki Haley a free ride.” When a reporter asked where the press had failed to hold her accountable, Knotts said, “have you ever asked her if she believes in Jesus Christ as her lord and savior and that he died on the cross for her sins? Have you ever asked her that?”

Yes, because that’s what I give a flying rat’s ass about, Jake Knotts, whether or not she subscribes to your particular religious mythology. Why don’t you ask her what she thinks about the trinitarian controversy, Jake Knotts? Does she believe that Jesus was crucified with nails AND rope, or just nails? Does she believe in immersion baptism or sprinkling? Is she Methodist or Baptist, Jake Knotts? These are BURNING questions that we must know immediately!

It is amazing to me how small minds keep producing small thoughts. I suppose he thinks that Jesus would call Haley and Obama “ragheads.”



1. Heidi - June 17, 2010

And I always worry that TN politicians are idiots….

2. Skippy - June 17, 2010

Never fear! South Carolina is here! I’m sure Arizona is trying to figure out how to top us. I have faith in them.

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