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News You Can Use: Gay Men Are Skinnier Than Straight Men June 8, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Gay and Lesbian Issues, Observations, Popular Culture.
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So says science!

Now, aren’t you glad you clicked on that link and read that? Doesn’t this totally help you fine-tune your gaydar so that you can pick out the gay guy versus the straight guy?

Let me help you here:

Fig. 1: Hayden Christensen and some dude: gay.

Fig. 2: Seth Rogen: not gay

Fig. 3: But…but wait! Seth Rogen lost weight, so now he’s totally skinny! Does this mean he’s Teh Ghey?

Conversely, this study found that lesbians tend to be heavier than heterosexual women. Oh, gods. Whatever. Cue a round of idiot morning talk show hosts blathering about whether or not [Insert Temporarily Famous Movie Star Here] is, in fact, a homosexual based on their body-mass index. I’m sure more than a few people will say that R. Patz (Robert Pattinson to those of you who don’t give a flying fig about Twilight) is a homosexual—-and they knew it all along!

Fig. 4: 3 of 4 people in this photo are gay. True story!



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