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Common Sense…Just Ain’t Common. May 30, 2010

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Remember when your mama would say, “If your friends told you to jump off a cliff/bridge, would you?” You know what she meant; are you so stupid as to do everything your idiot friends tell you to do? Being a teenager is pretty much an exercise in natural selection. If you make it to adulthood fairly intact, it’s supposed that you had enough sense to not follow your friends off cliffs or bridges.

Now, if Google Maps told you to cross a road and you got hit by a car, would you sue? This woman did:

Enter Lauren Rosenberg of Park City, Utah. She used Google Maps on her Blackberry to get walking directions from one part of town to another. Part of those direction included walking on a road without sidewalks called Deer Valley Drive, aka Utah State Route 224.

According to court documents, instead of finding a different route or walking safely away from traffic, she walked into the street and was (surprise!) struck by a car. Now she’s suing Google for in excess of $100,000.

So, let me get this straight: you go to Google Maps to get walking directions on your Blackberry. Do you need Google Maps to tell you to look both ways before crossing a very busy road…or a freakin’ highway? Oh, wait, they do!

Walking directions are in beta.
Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

Of course, as the news item notes, such a warning might not show up on a Blackberry because of the size of the screen. However, I’m certain the good folks at Google assumed that a grown-ass person wouldn’t think to either a) use a bit of frakkin’ common sense and find a safer route or b) try to cross the road safely so as not to get their ass hit.

And so now this person thinks it’s Google’s fault that she doesn’t have the sense God gave a chicken? And suing to the tune of $100,000? Give me a frakkin’ break. She’s an idiot, and so is the lawyer who took the case. I’d love to be the judge who catches this case so I could let her have an earful.



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