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Skippy Hates Plagiarism. May 24, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Observations, Popular Culture, Rants.
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Children, I know that having a blog is hard work. I mean, it’s really hard to come up with fresh, entertaining, and witty bon mots and LOL cat pictures every day for a public hungry for new content. Usually, I, your beloved blogger find something on another website—-a picture, a story, a joke, even. Usually, though, I give you all a link to the picture, story, or joke. In other words, I cite my sources. It’s just good manners, people.

Well, last night, a certain television show of some import aired its final episode. I hear tell that many people watched it. But, before its ending, there appeared to be many questions left unanswered. Many people were, shall we say, lost. As one of many websites that covered this impending ending, Jezebel posted “10 Questions Lost Needs To Answer” on May 18. On May 21, a blogger “Ally” for Pittsburgh’s Best Country (I’d love to see the ranking metric on that!) Y108 posted “Lost Finale Sunday Needs To Answer Some Questions.”

Click on the links, compare, and tell me this isn’t some hot ass mess. What makes this worse is that this blogger for Y108 rearranges paragraphs, to give this the appearance of original content. I’m sure this “Ally” person would probably argue that what he/she did was just take a very interesting post about an arguably “good” show and redistribute the content. However, this is theft of other people’s words and a rather puerile attempt to pass them off as his/her own. And note: there is no link to the original Jezebel piece. Not even so much as a “hat tip” to the fact that someone else wrote this.

And oh, yes; the good people at Jezebel noticed.

So, Pittsburgh’s “Best” Country, Y108 blogger “Ally,” you fail at life. And since I didn’t give y’all a Captain Jean-Luc Picard Facepalm last week, here it is:

UPDATE: Y108 has taken down the plagiarized post. Score one for moral shaming!



1. Boka flyg - June 8, 2010

Come on man. Keep up the good work!

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