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Deodorant Will Not Get You Laid May 16, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Humor, Popular Culture, Rants.

But Gillette wants you to think it will:

Let’s just break down the multiple levels of fuckery in this nonsense, shall we?

If you are a firefighter, it doesn’t matter what deodorant you wear.
If you are a surgeon, it also doesn’t matter what deodorant you wear.
If you are a bodyguard for a Sarah Palin-clone, it doesn’t matter what deodorant you wear.

Also, your crazy little graphics about what the deodorant is supposed to do are utter bullshit. Hey, did you know that this deodorant is totes different? It seeks out and destroys odor. Like I said, bullshit. I guarantee you that this deodorant is made of the exact same shit that every other deodorant is made of.

And, seriously Gillette? Like I’m not supposed to notice that stupid “come hither” look that notSarah Palin gives her bodyguard? Am I supposed to think that she’s totally turned on by his deodorant?

But you know what, children? This is just the latest in a wave of absurd commercials aimed at men. Apparently, deodorant isn’t the only product that is supposed to attract women (clearly, women in men’s product commercials can’t be arsed to care about intelligence or kindheartedness or anything like that—-no, it’s your deodorant and hair color that reels ’em in and keeps em!):

What. What the—-what the damn? Why is Sarah Palin in this commercial too? Seriously, who comes up with these commercials? And why haven’t they been remanded to the custody of the state?



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