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Speaking of Misery… April 26, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Uncategorized.

I have strep throat.

In between feeling utterly horrible and feeling horrible, I find myself thinking about the experience of being sick. I turn into a bit of a whiny baby, cranky and needy. At the same time, I try to carry on my daily routines. Clearly, going to the gym was out of the question–even though I had a ridiculous notion that I would go.

That did not happen.

It’s funny, feeling like someone has stuffed my head with cotton and feeling inexplicably weak, nauseated and hungry at the same time. I think I slept most of the day today. At around five p.m., I got the idea to go to Lowe’s and get mulch for the front yard, thinking that I would have energy enough to spread mulch. Well, I got the mulch. It’s currently sitting in my garage.

I made dinner, but didn’t finish it. I hoped to clean the bathroom–but that ain’t happening. I tell you, it’s been enough for me to get up and take a shower and comb my hair. What’s funny is how my body knows exactly when to completely and totally break down.



1. Heidi - April 26, 2010

Sorry, Roger. Adult strep is so much worse than it is when you were a kid. I hope you feel better soon.

2. EEB - April 26, 2010

Feel better young man.

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