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Last Night’s “Ugly Betty”: Gay Awesomeness April 8, 2010

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I’m gonna admit it: last night’s penultimate episode of “Ugly Betty” made me cry.
(if you haven’t seen it get thee to Hulu posthaste!)

Anyway, Justin Suarez has been on his own journey of self-discovery. Of course, everyone has been saying, “Gee, he’s gay, everybody knows it,” but the point of his coming out process was about him coming out on his terms, when he was comfortable doing so. And last night’s episode had Justin coming out in the sweetest, hanky-producing (but thankfully, NOT TRAGIC) way possible.

Fig. 1 SQUEEE!! (shut up.)

From Justin’s family’s over-the-top “coming out party” (hilarious!), to Marc’s advice to Justin (sweet), to Hilda’s one comment to Marc to Justin and his boyfriend dancing at Hilda’s wedding (to Renee Olstead’s “A Love Like That”!), the writing and acting was pitch perfect. It wasn’t rooted in self-loathing, or preachy “YOU MUST LOVE TEH POOR GHEYZ!,” or grounded in tragedy–no, Justin doesn’t get diagnosed with HIV right before being killed by a flaming dirigible. Happiness! Yeah, this episode is not getting deleted from the DVR.
Ugly Betty



1. Maughta - April 9, 2010

I think the kid who plays Justin is the best actor in the whole show! He’s awesome.

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