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Itawamba, You Fail at Life April 6, 2010

Posted by Skippy in Gay and Lesbian Issues.
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No, seriously. These idiotic, bigoted blights upon humankind FAIL.

So, let me get this straight: after telling the lesbian that she can’t bring her date to the prom, you cancel the prom altogether and attempt to place blame upon her.


But wait; after you get national attention for being complete jerks, you say that the prom is still canceled, but there’s a privately sponsored dance that she can bring her girlfriend to. Ah, but switcheroo!

To avoid Constance McMillen bringing a female date to her prom, the teen was sent to a “fake prom” while the rest of her class partied at a secret location at an event organized by parents.

McMillen tells The Advocate that a parent-organized prom happened behind her back — she and her date were sent to a Friday night event at a country club in Fulton, Miss., that attracted only five other students. Her school principal and teachers served as chaperones, but clearly there wasn’t much to keep an eye on.

Itawamba County School District in Mississippi, you officially fail at life.

Here is my fondest wish for Constance: I hope that she and her girlfriend are very happy together. I hope that Constance is able to get the frak out of Mississippi, go to the college of her choice and major in something that makes her happy. I hope that she gets a great, fulfilling job, and settles in a city that can provide her and her partner with opportunities to make real friends and have a fulfilled life.

And I hope that all of her homophobic classmates and their pathetic, blinkered, idiotic, stupid families dine on ashes and reap the bitter harvest of their inhumanity. I hope that everything they touch turns to rubble. I hope that as their lives crash down in ruin upon their vile, troglyditic heads, that they remember their petty and vindictive actions towards Constance.


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